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  Creating the right image for your business  
Images for more effective communication, images to tell a story, images to illustrate a concept, images to evoke emotion and stimulate thought.
web design | graphic design | animation
The Vital Eddy offers all of these quality design services with free project estimations and time lines, affordable rates and quick turn around times.

Latest article Animation case study Goodprint animation
Goodprint animation
Wit in graphic design - why use it? Mallorca Cruising Motor yacht charter web site. Fun animation for this forward-thinking printer's web site
Limited edition business cards
The Vital Eddy animated fun centre
Grab them before anyone else does! Individually designed, limited edition designs. Once you buy them, we'll take the design down so you know that nobody else will be able to have the same design. Produced in association with goodprint
so you can be sure the print quality will be top notch.