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Sherry Tolputt's Portfolio

I'm a professional with over 30 years of experience in various genres of art.
PLUS! I've written an actual book - please click here to find out more.

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Some of the reasons why my clients like how I work

Why Choose Me

Friendly Personality

You will find me to be very approachable and friendly after my first morning coffee on weekdays.

High Professionalism

With a lot of experience in various graphic genres, I can guarantee the best print for my clients.

Unique Style and Quality Work

I am a contemporary artist who uses a variety of media and techniques.


Would you like to buy high quality prints of Sherry Tolputt's cartoons? Visit my portfolio to choose the piece you would like a print of. There are two kinds of print available:-

1. Single image on A4 (297mm X 210mm) archive paper @ £45.00 GBP. (Actual image size: 173 x 130mm). Each print will be signed, stamped and dated, and inscribed to order if requested.
2. Single image on A3 (420mm X 297mm) archive paper @ £55.00 GBP. (Actual image size: 173 x 130mm). Each print will be signed stamped and dated, and inscribed to order if requested.

Email me with your request.
Original artworks are also available.

Affordable Prices

All my services are reasonably priced, but that is no criterium upon which to choose artwork. Seriously, I value my time and if your budget is extremely limited or you've left your search for artwork until the last minute, try 99


Besides producing great art, my clients also know me for my somewhat slanted view of life. Humour is in my blood.

Find out more about who I am, my career path, professional skills, and other information.

A Few Words About Me

My name is Sherry Tolputt (aka 'The Vital Eddy') and I am a professional British artist who just loves making interesting & beautiful pictures. I specialize in a variety of genres. I'm a graphic designer, cartoonist, animator and illustrator. I like to think of myself as an artist who sees something special and different in every single project.

I started my career in 1988 as a paste-up artist in a busy London quick print shop, moved to a design agency in 1989, went freelance in 1990 and have been working independently ever since.
In the early days I produced artwork for Judge Dredd the Megazine and underground comic Crisis. In 1998, my graphic novel - 'The Cartoon Kama Sutra' - was published by Knockabout Comics. I've worked for print companies, PR agencies, small to medium size companies and magazines. My house was once featured in Inspirations magazine for its quirky and sculptural hand-made features.
My latest living experiment (COVID permitting) is in progress in Mallorca, where I and and my lovely partner, Peter, have built an off-grid permaculture dwelling space. How possible is it to live sustainably in a modern world? There's a video briefly outlining our setup here

During lockdown, I wrote my satirical crime novel, 'The Feral Women's Institute'. More details here.

These days you're more likely to find me drawing cartoons than designing stationery and more likely than that, I'll be in the garden.

OriginalIdeas & High Quality Service

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latest news

The day Matt & Parul of London Writer's Salon changed my life

Formerly known as the '100 Day Write Club', hear about how a simple idea grew into a movement and caused me to write a book, by mistake.

Fairy Tale Story Cubes

Edition One: Hand-made with love to inspire and delight, these wooden cubes are created using water transfers to keep the artwork bright and clear.

"That was a year that was"
A poem to 2020

As novice writer, I share my work only occasionally. Here's my ode to the weirdest year so far.